Waffles is a Scottish Fold. His hobbies are people watching, playing and licking.

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"I've seen some of Waffle's videos and I was kind of curious, does Waffles meow...?"

He meows very rarely, usually when he wants our attention. He’ll sit in a different room and give a single meow. It’s a soft meow too, nothing at all like Siamese :3

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Waffles playing with paperbag

I love playing with cardboard!

Wow! Waffles is featured in a Taiwanese site!! What an honor!


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Hi there! *waves hi*

Hi there! *waves hi*

Waffles LOVES licking fingers. There’s no food on the fingers, he just loves licking them! The tongue is pretty rough!!

What could Waffles be dreaming about? :3

Fat Squat


"why does waffles have substantial vet bills? :("

He has been sick since we got him; a really persistent nasal infection >_< We’ve been battling the bugs for months T_T

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Sitting Waffles


Happy Blorp Waffles


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"Hi! I saw you answered a question someone asked about the Scottish Fold breed. I'm obviously a fan (I follow your blog, haha) but maybe you could remind people that there are millions of beautiful, sweet cats in rescue centers and animal shelters. You don't have to buy a certain breed to get an awesome and photogenic cat! <3"

Yes, that’s true. And I have to say, out of experience, purebreds rack up the vet bills T_________T 

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"Two questions for you, Waffles. :) A.) Do Scottish Folds shed a lot of fur? We were thinking of getting one, but we're not big fans of extremely sheddy cats. B.) How old are you Waffles, approximately?"

Hello! He doesn’t seem to shed much in winter but he’s shedding a lot right now, probably blowing his summer coat! He’s about a year old, still a baby!

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Give me that toy meoww!


"Did you name Waffles? If so, were there any other names you considered? (I love him SO MUCH. He makes my day every time I see his pictures!)"

For about a week, Waffles literally had no name because we were trying to think of one. We went through hundreds of names, everything from Copernicus to Pumpkin before we finally agreed on Waffles. I was almost worried Waffles would think “Hello” was his name!

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